FNA CORPORATION was founded in 2016 by Lucien Fouda and his two brothers in Rolle (Switzerland). First the corporations was developed in Cameroon before creating an affiliated company will be create in Switzerland in 2021.
FNA owns a +100-hectares’ site of cocoa in association with plantain bananas in the locality of Ntui, in the central region of Cameroon. The company’s objective is to develop large farms according to our philosophy and values: quality, traceability, equity. FNA also wants to act as an entity for all the small cocoa producers of the region in order to help them get the expertise, the tools and the right prices they deserve. 
In 2019, several interactions have been made with the Department of Agriculture and some of the Corporation Products (cocoa seedlings) extended to cocoa farmers supported by the Department of Agriculture and the Rural Development (MINADER). This project also has the support of Ntui council as it contributes to rural development.


Percentage of women in the company