FNA CORPORATION’s major challenge is to meet the needs of the cocoa market in terms of quality, quantity, traceability and environmental protection while cultivating large areas.

The plantain banana comes in symbiosis with it because it allows young cocoa plants to develop better because of their complementarity and of course the cultivation of plantain bananas also represents a significant source of income.


The partnership with the state of Cameroon aims to set up a training centre for young people in cocoa production. This centre will be able to accommodate between 15 and 20 young people who will come for training. In collaboration with Ntui’s administration, a primary school is planned to be built in order to participate in the education of the youngest. A health centre must also be set up for the inhabitants so that they can have access to health care directly in the region. 

Concerning mobility, several roads have already been built by us. FNA CORPORATION has also renovated a bridge, some agricultural tracks have been rehabilitated and others created.

The water system has been developed via a borehole in order to provide access to potable water.

Electricity is currently provided by generators but our medium-term objective is to install solar panels in order to have more natural and ecological energy. Given the the weather in Cameroun, this a more efficient way to provide electricity.

An amateur football tournament is organised every year at the site in order to raise awareness among young people about the benefits of sport, community life, the risks of drugs, immigration and the values of work. We think it is important to set an example and show the way forward.


For a large site (more than 100 hectares) like ours, the need for labour is considerable. As the unemployment rate is very high in Cameroon, we strive to provide maximum employment and fair salaries for young people.

As a result, we employ 35 young people on a fixed-term basis and in periods of major works or harvests, the workforce can double. We estimate that we can increase the workforce by 100% by creating a large field network.

person splitting fruit


FNA CORPORATION is committed to fight inequalities, this is achieved by supporting local producers, who have a duty to provide quality products. We enable them to benefit from our expertise, know-how, structure and training set up by our company.

Our idea is not only to present the cocoa bean and its by-products, but to show the consumer the origin of the product and to have a control on the production process from the plantation to the harvest. Cocoa comes from the earth and we need to respect and understand it to have the healthiest product possible.